Signage For Charlotte North Carolina Strip Malls

Moving into a strip mall? You are going to need a sign.

Signage for strip malls ranges from the very simple, to the more complicated.

Many of the older strip malls affix a sign to the roof above the business. These acrylic pan signs are fairly affordable to replace. All you need is the right sign company who will get the dimensions and then take your logo to create a new sign.

These signs can be ready to go in just a few weeks time (or less!). The key thing is to make sure your logo looks good when expanded to the larger size and that visitors from the road can easily recognize your business and what service you provide when they are driving past.

Vinyl window signs are often common in strip malls. This signage is essential for capturing foot traffic. Also, when customer park and walk up to your business, they can no longer see the pan sign on the roof and need to be able to see a sign on your door or your window.

The sign company that creates your pan sign should also be able to create a logo sign for your door with your operating hours.

Finally, you have the monument sign out by the road.  These monument signs should be well-lit and offer you a place to insert your business. The sign company you choose will likely have replaced signs in this monument installation before and they will have the crane trucks and necessary equipment to install this new signage.

For signs in Charlotte North Carolina, is your only choice. This company is located in Concord, NC, but install a large number of the signs in Charlotte. You’ll see their logo on most of the signs around town.

Congrats on your new business location! Now, pick up the phone let’s get your business the sign it deserves.

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