Charlotte, NC – The City That Insures You To Have Fun

Why Charlotte, NC Is Hopping

Charlotte, with its population of over 800,000 is the biggest city in the entire state of North Carolina and a place with plenty of history. The Native American tribe of Catawba first settled the region of today’s Charlotte more than 500 years ago, while the European settlers arrived there in the 18th century, establishing the foundation of the modern town. In 1755, the first families place their home in the area and permanently build the town that will become today’s metropolis. Since then, the entire region has been and still is one of the most vibrant areas of the southeastern region of the US. Because of this, it is no wonder that visitors to Charlotte, NC can enjoy a lot of history, both long-passed and modern, all in the city’s numerous and colorful museums. Here is an overview of the best museums that the same region can offer to those who visit it.

Charlotte Trolley Museum

The humble trolley is an incredibly important invention in the development of major cities in the 19th century and their appearance left a big mark on the city of Charlotte, NC. Here, many real parts of this historical period can be seen in full size, but there are also models and dioramas that showcase the trolleys place in the town as it looked back then. This makes the Charlotte Trolley Museum an ideal spot not just for the lovers of trains, but also both young and old who enjoy seeing something that is a true part of the urban US history.

NASCAR Hall of Fame

NASCAR is undoubtedly the most popular automotive sport in the US and the home of its rich history is in Charlotte, CA. In fact, its popularity is only growing with each year and this will not change anytime soon. In the NASCAR Hall of Fame, the space resembling a huge convention center features the hall of fame with all the relevant drivers, but also so much more. The additional attraction comes in the form of interactive content, like tire-changing station and race simulators, which will provide everyone a taste of a real NASCAR experience.

Charlotte Nature Museum

As its name suggests, the Charlotte Nature Museum is all about the wonders of the natural environment and its incredible history spanning millions and even billions of years. In the open-air exhibit, visitors will be able to learn more about prehistoric animals, but also get great memorabilia, including an incredible collection of detailed dinosaur figurines. Aside from the prehistoric natural exhibits, the museum also includes many living animals that can be seen and explored.

Charlotte Museum of History

The place that showcases the development and sometimes turbulent past of Charlotte, NC this museum is really the pinnacle of regional history. The Charlotte Museum of History houses many important local artifacts and documents that shaped the same region over the centuries. For any true history buffs, this place should be at the top of their list of museums to visit in Charlotte.

With any of these museums in the Charlotte, NC area, the visitors can get a true sense of the history, regardless if it is related to NASCAR, trolleys, dinosaurs, local history or something else. Thanks to this, anyone who visits this city and wants to learn more about it will have a truly fantastic offer at their disposal.

Local Businesses

Among the attractions are thriving local business such as Bank of America, Duke Energy and even insurance agencies like Jessica Ross Insurance. These local agencies insure that you and your families are protected and thriving in every stage of life. If you are in the area you might want to stop by.